Q: What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. I'm sure you understand what that means now right? No huh? Don't worry neither would I! Let's dig a little deeper into what it is and how to use it.

CSS was first used in 1997 and continued to develop into the 2000s when all modern web browsers began supporting them. This has allowed the Internet to move past very basic fonts and color schemes and towards the never-ending formatting possibilities we see today.

Q: What is the purpose of CSS?

It keeps the content of your webpage (which is generally found in your HTML document) separate from the presentation, or look, of your webpage. For example, CSS is what you use to create layout, fonts, colour schemes, margins, background, height, width, etc. for your webpage.

Q: Wait a second... I've created layouts with only HTML before. Why do I need CSS?

While it is true that HTML can be used to create basic webpage layouts, CSS offers many more options for formatting a webpage than HTML. HTML should be used for structural purposes (e.g. content, title, order, etc.), while CSS should be used to format the already structured content.

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